The 5 Best Metaverse Penny Stocks March 2023

There are also opportunities to buy metaverse stock in the world of online dating, as Match Group is testing a metaverse platform it is calling Singletown. The existing technology has a wide variety of applications, from construction and engineering to hospitality. It is easily transferable to metaverse applications, which puts Matterport in the right place at the right time with the right product to be a top metaverse stock. As we edge ever closer to greater immersion with virtual and augmented reality technology, Unity’s growth prospects are incredibly exciting. Unity’s incredible software suite is leading the charge into a new era of gaming tech. With its comprehensive platform and unbeatable tools, Unity has over 60% of the video game engine market.

buy metaverse stocks

But they’re also a risky investment, so you should invest in metaverse stocks with caution and balance stocks with more stable assets. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. CoinDesk journalists are not allowed to purchase stock outright in DCG.

Why Invest in Metaverse Penny Stocks?

Before investing in metaverse stocks, you should learn more about the firms involved, which stock you may choose to purchase, and how to buy metaverse stocks. In addition to games and social media platforms, investors in the Metaverse can purchase stock in several directions. Such as metaverse-active software, 3D design, and technology enterprises. Some expect that Unity’s immersive 3D game engines will fuel the Metaverse.

buy metaverse stocks

However, that potential doesn’t mean it’s time to throw out the basic rules of investing. If you are already heavily invested in tech stocks, consider trading in a portion of your current assets for new metaverse stocks. Long before the term metaverse was coined, Matterport was taking real-world spaces into the cloud. The company’s core technology is based on 3D photography, allowing users to capture images of rooms and buildings, then upload them to create digital versions.

Autodesk (ADSK)

Their impressive technology comprises high-tech 3D cameras and sophisticated image processing algorithms that facilitate the digital twin development process. Autodesk is widely known for producing software for the architectural or engineering sector. Their product offerings include software such as Revit and AutoCAD, which are essential tools for architects, structural engineers, and more for real-life buildings.

Since the space is still relatively new, making future predictions is extremely difficult. Digital real estate seems to work similarly to the demand and supply of physical property, where supply and demand and scarcity drive property prices up or down. Metaverses also offer only limited plots of land, which means unique investment opportunities are present. In 2017, when Decentraland had its first metaverse land auction, Decentraland land prices were selling for around a mere $20 per parcel. Owning a plot of virtual land means you get the right to build anything you want on that property. The NFT you purchase contains coordinates to the area you control, and shows where it is located on the metaverse map.

Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy

This $70 billion acquisition should positively impact Microsoft stockholders and is likely to turn up future profits. Companies have used them to develop self-driving cars, facial recognition and voice recognition software. Unity believes the transition from 2D to 3D presents an opportunity for growth. “These are strong tailwinds that help us drive growth for years to come,” Unity Chief Executive John Riccitiello said.

buy metaverse stocks

The suggestion of the Metaverse has been heralded as the internet’s next major development. You might think of the Metaverse as an interactive digital environment made possible by technologies like AR and VR. This Tesla stock forecast will help you decide if it’s the right investment for your portfolio. Our in-house research team and on-site financial experts work together to create content that’s accurate, impartial, and up to date. We fact-check every single statistic, quote and fact using trusted primary resources to make sure the information we provide is correct. You can learn more about GOBankingRates’ processes and standards in our editorial policy.


Two of its products, Unity Personal and Unity Student, are supplied for free to novice content makers. As these developers achieve success, they will probably become paying Unity users. As with any other type of stock, you are investing in metaverse equities can be a promising method to gain exposure to an industry or firm with high growth potential. Investing in metaverse equities has disadvantages, such as exposure to risk and time-consuming research and purchasing. It’s not too late to step into the Metaverse field to gain financial profits.

  • The first point to remember is that the metaverse is a digital universe that exists alongside the physical one.
  • Consequently, developers can gain much faster feedback from players, making it easier to create games that customers actually want.
  • The metaverse refers to a combination of technologies that create a shared online space based in virtual reality.
  • Autodesk also leverages cloud computing with Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  • Unity reported a fourth-quarter loss of $162 million, or 56 cents per share, compared to the year-ago period when it saw a loss of $83 million.
  • She specializes in generating engaging and creative concepts and texts for advertising, e-commerce, blogs, podcasts and social media.
  • Virtual land owners can also be companies that wish to extend their services and physical world presence in the digital world.

Once the buyer has identified a piece of land, he needs to acquire the tokens or coins to buy it with and store them on his digital wallet. The type of token or coin that will be needed to execute the transaction varies by metaverse platform. For instance, to purchase digital land in Decentraland, the user would need to purchase MANA tokens. If he wished to purchase land in The Sandbox, he would need to acquire SAND tokens. With metaverse stocks turning into a hot topic on Wall Street, they’ve quickly become one of the most widely followed financial trends. If you are curious about this investment option and are considering adding metaverse stocks to your investment portfolio, these picks will help get you started.

Autodesk Metaverse Stock (ADSK)

Read on to discover our picks for the best metaverse stocks to buy now. To that end Microsoft has released Mesh, a platform that brings together all their metaverse-related products like HoloLens, Teams and AltSpaceVR. Microsoft has also been transforming itself into a gaming juggernaut, recently announcing its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard Inc. for $69 billion. For context, Activision has nearly 400 million monthly active users across major IPs like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush Saga.

Why buy land in metaverse?

Even if the U.S. economy enters a recession, long-term investors stand to gain from Unity’s present stock price decline. According to research, the stock market often recovers from recessions, especially how to invest in metaverse the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite. Finally, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service also gives it a major advantage when it comes to scaling metaverse products for other businesses as well as themselves.

This allowed consumers to continue using the same version while only investing in a new product when an upgrade was required. Nevertheless, Autodesk has shifted to a subscription-based business model that calls for an annual license. Autodesk Revit customers can also access Epic Games’ Twinmotion when they purchase a subscription. The platform offers users interactive environments to play, interact and socialize with other players. The stock is currently priced at $93.68, with a market cap of $955.65B.

Those who own AXS will be able to vote on proposed decisions that will affect the Axie Infinity ecosystem, including how funds in the community treasury are spent. There are future plans to modify the AXS token so that it can be used to purchase digital goods and services on Axie Infinity. The Sandbox – The Sandbox is focused on a metaverse of user-generated content, much like Roblox. The SAND token is awarded to individuals who participate in The Sandbox’s alpha user testing. Owners of SAND can use it to purchase digital goods and services, vote on proposed initiatives within The Sandbox and stake their SAND to earn further rewards. At this stage, purchasing digital land looks a lot like buying land in the physical world.

Similarly to the extremely popular P2E gaming platform that is Battle Infinity, investors can benefit from a wide variety of return opportunities. According to our research, TAMA, the native token of Tamadoge, is the greatest metaverse stock to invest in for 2022. The greatest Metaverse stocks to buy now, then, maybe those of successful businesses whose development can only benefit from the advent of the virtual economy.

Twenty-eight years later, public companies like Meta and decentralized autonomous organizations like the Decentraland Foundation have been working to make the metaverse a profitable reality. That has opened up entirely new revenue opportunities for retail investors, gamers, digital collectors and developers. A metaverse stock like Sony or Microsoft could be a good choice if you prefer safer stocks in well-established companies, even if the stocks appreciate slowly. More aggressive investors hoping for higher returns might opt for a comparatively speculative stock like Match Group despite the higher risk.

However, there’s also another way to try out metaverse stock options – metaverse ETFs. Metaverse ETFs are a collection of metaverse stock options selected for their relation to the metaverse. There are exceptions, but most ETFs are generally selected to provide above-average stability. The firm has increased its revenue by using this method to help it establish a recurring source of income. Since making its NASDAQ launch in 1985, AutoDesk has produced positive returns for investors through its shares.

If you are willing to grasp the development of the times and conform to the web 3 era, you can join the metaverse investment. Nextgen AR is a great metaverse penny stock because it is one of the few organizations that actually manufactures and develops kits and products that other metaverse companies use. Is another commission-free stock trading app that you can use to invest in hot metaverse penny stocks. Paradise City will begin building virtual experiences, encouraging users to participate in real-world challenges with the possibility of winning NFT prizes and Alpha Coins, Alpha’s utility crypto token. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been talking about the metaverse a lot lately.

For each piece of land, called parcels, users can use the MANA token, the platform’s digital currency, to purchase land in Decentraland. As metaverse development is still in its infancy, it offers attractive investment opportunities. Even after thecrypto crashand NFT market slump in 2022, retail investors and businesses are still interested in buying metaverse land, with virtual land pricessellingfor thousands of dollars. Moreover, the expectation is that the metaverse will grow immensely in the future, so businesses and individual investors have started leveraging the metaverse for marketing early on.

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