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Matha Borewells has a leading role in drilling industry with the dedicated, advanced and innovative staff and geologists who offer excellent drilling services which ensures accurate utilization of resources and give correct advises on availability, location, diameter, depth, purity and costs in a geological perspective. We provide a total drilling solution for our clients with all wide range of modern machineries.


why choose us

With an talented technical and non technical crew in a perfect time. Our Borewell lorry was filled with necessary equipments for Borewell drilling,Drilling bit, Drilling Rig ,steel pipes, welding machine, Borewell tools, Sufficient diesel.The company is equipped with advanced technologies for water survey and drilling, along with highly efficient and dedicated work force, and expert supervisors that enables 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Our services

borewelll drilling

With the effect of seasonal variations in the last few years, the water table on earth gets deeper from the previous position. To break these water zones at deeper we came with an idea of Borewell. We undertake various types of borewells with high quality and guarantee up to 1 year.
The various types or sizes of borewells are

4.5” inch dial Borewell.

6.5” inch dial Borewell.

borewelll repairing/maintanance

The secondary source of water on earth are wells (Openwells) and Borewells. These Borewells should be repaired and maintained periodically for its durability.Our well-versed teams are always dedicated on various maintenance and repairing works in Borewells for its reuse.

rain water harvesting

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”:We assist our privileged clients on various Rain Water Harvesting Systems and water conservation methods suitable for their landscape, topography and usage. 

our speciality

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